The property around Dennis Mill is available for use by the day for social events. Everyone will enjoy the picturesque and historical setting, towering trees and clear mountain stream. Your timeless photos and warm memories will keep the event alive for many years.

You must provide any extra conveniences that you may require such as portable toilets, trash receptacles, tents, tables and seating,

The parking area is very limited and can accommodate only around 10 vehicles. Since another 10 vehicles can be accommodated in the cabin area we recommend that you include the two cabins in your event plans.



Daily Event Fee:  $1000* USD
*This includes a $500 Refundable Deposit (see refund policy below)

Refund Policy: You will be entitled to a full and prompt refund of your deposit if you 1) pickup and remove from premises all debris, litter, and trash, and 2) repair all disturbances to the ground such as tire tracks not on the driveway, tent stake holes, etc, and 3) otherwise return grounds, structures, and vegetation to the condition in which you found them. If you fail to do ANY of these things, you hereby agree to forfeit the entire deposit amount and it will not be refunded. Additional damages not covered by your initial deposit amount may require additional charges.